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Time:02:21 pm
Current Mood:artistic
ugh, the past month has been CRAZY. I got back to Toronto on the 3rd (I think), then school started on the 4th...and then a week later I ended up in the hospital. I have no idea what was going on, but I couldn't walk or move my legs at all and I got stuck there for almost 2 weeks. No one knows if it's from the chronic pain disease I already have or if it's something else so I'm super frustrated. I'm still in a wheelchair now, I dropped biology (Which makes me sad because my bio lab partner was SO awesome. I always hated labs because they were 3 hours long and on Friday mornings...and my TA was screwed in the head but my parter was so fun. ) Now I have 3 courses and everything is kind of up in the air right now but I'm slowly getting back into my normal routine. I can't wait for next week so I can go home and try to relax and recooperate. My dad is coming to pick me up on the 12th (my mom's birthday!) so yay for reading week! :)
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Time:01:36 pm
The past month and a half has been CRAZY. I ended up catching swine flu, and that knocked me out for a good couple of weeks, which meant I had to miss 2 exams. ugh. and then I got home late on the 22nd from Toronto and I have to go back to school on the 3rd. Shortest break ever.
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Current Music:cosmic love-florence + the machine.
Time:11:52 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
goodbye 2009.Collapse )
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Current Music:Re:Stacks-Bon Iver
Time:01:24 pm
Current Mood:crappycrappy
oh lord, I haven't posted here in FOREVERRRRRR. University is taking over my life, and I hate it. Thank god midterms are over though....until December. :(

Anywaaays, I'm currently bedridden thanks to stupid RSD, which I hate with a's like the freaking devil. and my lovely roommate grabbed me some orange juice and gravol, so I'm set to go. I have a humungo biology lab due tomorrow and my TA is an asshole so I doubt he'll give me an extenstion....IT'S NOT MY FAULT I HAVE A STUPID BODY AND I'M HIGH OFF NARCOTICS AND GRAVOL, OKAY?! fuck my liiiiiife.

But yeeeeah in like, 6ish(?) weeks, I'll be back in Sudbury....possibly. I may have to go to Connecticut with my mom to visit my grandma because she's really sick. and if that happens, then I'm coming home riiiight before exams to see Ashley and visit my parents real quick. I wouldn't have to if my fucking biology exam wasn't on December 21st. That just screws everything up. OH MAN, I love life.

Time to go take a break from bio lab-ing to watch Dear Jack. :) I'm prepared to cry....a lot. Which probably isn't good seeing as there are people coming it to inspect our kitchen and bathroom to make sure we don't have bacteria taking over our dorm and whatever.

oh and I recently discovered Yogen Fruz thanks to Erica, Jess and Rakki who forced me to get something from there since they've been obsessing over it for the past month.....they have THE best mint chocolate ice cream. It's delicious.
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Current Music:Brave New World-Hedley.
Subject:boo. :)
Time:06:28 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
I haven't posted here for a loooooooooooong time. Small hiatus, haha.

So, right now I'm watching it snow. We're supposed to get another 10cm tonight. Honestly. Honestly? We have enough damn snow. I hate snow. It makes it impossible to drive up our driveway, haha. what's been going on.....

Well, I finally finished my university applications. :) I applied to Western, Brock, York, Laurentian, Nipissing and Ottawa. :) I don't know if I'm ready to move out yet. I think I am, minus the medical part. It's one of those things that can either go really well, or really badly, so I don't really know what to do yet. I just wanna move out and get out of here for a little.School sucks ass...I'm pretty much failing math, so I came up with the genius plan to take an easier grade 12 university math through correspondence since I can't fill any of my spares next semester because of physio. Hopefully I'm not screwing myself over.

Physio-wise...yeah. Not getting anywhere. My RSD is spreading like crazy, and it feels like every day, I'm getting more and more severe pain. My doctors have to drop me by March when I turn 18, so they can't really do any more extensive treatments because there's no point. My next option is another surgery, to implant a device in my spinal cord. My parents are kind of against it but..yeah, I don't know. They just don't want me to go through hell again because of another surgery. Whatever. I'm kind of desperate.

So yeah, right now it's Christmas Eve (obviously haha) and I've been watching Grey's anatomy non stop. Right now I'm at the part where George sleeps with Callie, Izzie gets attached to Denny, Alex is being a bitch to the patient, Bailey's pissy because she's not getting any surgeries...yeah. haha I love Grey's. :)

So that's pretty much's crazy, winter's crazy, school's crazy. One big ball of craziness.
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Current Music:"Written At A Rest Stop"-Ronnie Day
Current Location:my bedroom :)
Subject:The contents of my purse....
Time:04:29 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I got this off of Becca's fearxxlove looks like fun :)

1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Now dump everything out and neatly adjust them, and take a picture (no matter how embarrassing)
3. Talk about the items inside. Detail.

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Current Music:Sara Bareilles- Gravity
Subject:Writer's Block: Funniest Thing Ever.
Time:12:51 am
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated

Out of all the funny things that have ever happened to you, which experience still cracks you up?

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oh man...there are so many times. One really funny one happened in grade 8, when Matt broke his nose by running into a wall or something lmao. And the teacher made Dillian walk home with him to make sure he got home we were in class taking a note, and Dilliam came back and sat in his seat behind me. His face was completely red and he wouldn't stop giggling, so me and Paige asked him what was wrong with him and he was like "Matt's dad was backing the car down their driveway and the side mirror smacked him right in the nose" So Paige and I burst out laughing and couldn't stop for seriously an hour. We disrupted the class with our laughing and our teacher wanted to know what was so funny but we couldn't even tell her right away because we couldn't stop laughing. Then when we told her she had to leave the room because it was just too freaking funny. Then the next day Matt came back and apparently Dillian lied LMFAO.

Then there was one time...a few weeks ago. Me, Lauren and Jess were sitting in the cafeteria before homeroom and out of no where Lauren was like "HOLY SHIT!" and she was pointing to the table where Jon and Tom were sitting and the bench they were sitting on collasped and they were on the ground with their legs up in the air LMFAOOOO. The bench still isn't fixed so all of the unsuspecting people that sit on it end up kid got stuck and a random teacher had to help him out hahaha.
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Current Music:When it comes- Taylor Hilton
Time:02:15 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
and now I'm waiting for my macbook :) my dad's been fed-ex tracking it for me.
it started in China, then it went to Alaska, then it went to tennesse, and then Missisauga, and now it's in sudbury and I'm hoping they'll delivery it today :)
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Current Music:goodbye waves and driveways- the rocket summer
Subject:forty five
Time:07:51 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy

01: Do you take pills of any sort?
pain meds/sleeping med/ asthma and allergy pills

02: You doing anything interesting tomorrow?

03: What was your elementary school called?

04: How many hours do you work a week?
none :)

05: Have you ever seen a real giraffe?
no :(

06: Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla?

07: Where will you retire to?
no idea

08: Last person you completely lost your temper with?

09: What name will you definitely NOT call your kid?
something insanely hard to pronounce

10: How many people do you know called Lucy?

11: What should you be doing instead of this?
physical therapy

12: What's your favourite planet?

13: Do you ever say "your mum"?
uhhh no

14: How about "that's what she said"?
baha no?.

15: What's getting on your nerves at the moment?
bah my feet are killing from PT 

16: Are you normally quite patient?

17: Do religious people bother you?

18: Tongue piercings: gross or hot?

19: What about lip piercings?

20: Is happiness a choice?
dont knowwww

21: When do/did you leave school?
HS- june 2009. idea

22: When it comes to the opposite sex, what is "your type"?
I don't have a type.

23: Do you brush your hair before you have breakfast?

24: Name three places you've been that you'd go to again:
torontoooo, ct and ny

25: What's the sweetest thing a member of the opposite sex has done for you?

26: If you were marooned on a desert island, how long would you survive?

27: What colour dominates your wardrobe?

28: What's your comfort food?
ice cream.

29: Ever sing into your hairbrush pretending it's a microphone?
ahahahaha yeah

30: Speaking of hairbrushes, is yours plastic or metal?

31: Is your house key silver or gold?
dont have a house key....i need one. i always get freaking locked out

32: Did you ever play Pokemon?

33: Trade cards?

34: What colour are your bed sheets?

35: Does/did your school make you support charities?

36: What music did you listen to five years ago?
i honestly cant even remember

37: What colour ink do you normally write in?

38: How do you usually style your hair?

39: Who did you spend last Christmas with?
mom,dad,jay, grandparents

40: If you were cast in a movie, would you be lead role, someone fairly important, someone fairly irrelevant or an extra?
any of those would be fiiine.

41: Aliens are going to eliminate one country from Earth. Given the choice, which country would it be?
no idea

42: Who normally cooks your dinner?

43: What TV show should've been cancelled before it was even viewed?
passions haha

44: How many kids do you think you want?
no idea

45: Are you happy with life right now?
half and half.

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Current Music:thrift store gypsy-rick seibold
Subject:pie face.
Time:04:09 pm
Current Mood:worriedworried
VENT  TIME....baha i love how I only post to complain about things. but seriously, nothing exciting ever happens to me. OH OH EXCEPT LAST NIGHT.
so after physical therapy in the pool, i motored my butt over to montana's to have dinner with jess,jodee, jodee's parents and her uncle ( i think hahaha) and so when jo went outside for a sec, me and jess hunted down our waiter and asked him to pie her in the face since it's her jodee's dad signed a form (aahahahaha) and after dinner, they brought her her dessert with a candle, and put this moose antler hat on her, and then when they were done singing, they took the antlers off and BAM! pie in the face....and i managed to video tape the whole thing. then she flung a huge thing of pie at jess, and i ended up getting pie in my hair bahahahahahahaha

so aaaanyways.
PT sucks. i haaate it with a passion. it's actually the reason i stayed home today. I woke up with really bad pain in my legs and they were being super sensitive so for a good few hours they couldn't even touch my bedsheets. so i stayed home...and missed a sociology test and course selections..FUCK.  I freakin' made an appointment to see my guidence counseler yesterday, which means that my appt was supposed to be today...which i obviously didn't go to. and i have no time to go tomorrow because I have physical therapy during my spare, and I probably won't get back until the end of lunch...aka me attempting to not be late for a chem test.

i freaking hate life right now.
okay i'm done :)
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