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The past month and a half has been CRAZY. I ended up catching swine flu, and that knocked me out for a good couple of weeks, which meant I had to miss 2 exams. ugh. and then I got home late on the 22nd from Toronto and I have to go back to school on the 3rd. Shortest break ever.


and now I'm waiting for my macbook :) my dad's been fed-ex tracking it for me.
it started in China, then it went to Alaska, then it went to tennesse, and then Missisauga, and now it's in sudbury and I'm hoping they'll delivery it today :)
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nineteen ninty oneeee


Birth Year Survey
Use wikipedia & billboard.com to help you

1. First what year were you born in?

2. What were the top 5 songs on the Billboards top 100 list in that year?

1. (Everything I do) I do it for you- Bryan Adams
2. I wanna sex you up-Color me badd  (BAHAHAHAH).
3. Gonna make you sweat-C&C music factory
4. Rush Rush- Paula Abdul
5. One More Try- Timmy T.

3. Do you know any of the artists listed above?
none...except Bryan Adams and Paula Abdul

4. Give 3 major events that happened in that year:
-US, Britain, France and allied countries drive Iraq from Kuwait (Operation Desert Storm).

-Warsaw Pact officially dissolved.

-Attempted coup in Soviet Union

4. Give a major event that happened on the day you were born:
Nothing, apparently.

5. Give 2 famous people born in the same year as you:
-Jamie- Lynn Spears
-that guy....

6. Give 2 famous people born on the same day and year as you:
i cant find anyone :(

7. Name 4 Movies that were playing in theatres in your birth year:
-Terminator 2: judgement day
-Robin Hood
-Silence of the lambs

8. Who won Best actress & best actor at the Academy Awards in your birth year?
Best Actress: Jodie Foster.
Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins

9. Name 4 Shows that made their debut?
-Late Night with David Lettermen
-Martha Stewart living........apparently
-Cosby show?
-Montel Williams.

10. Who won the NBA Finals?
NBA Finals: Chicago Bulls.

11. Anything unique about your birth year?
i dont knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

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I got bored, decided to come on lj and realized that I forgot my old username...So I made up a new one :)

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